Here, age-old principles of trade meet the modern commerce era. TradeXchange is your gateway to a diverse world of trading opportunities, offering a sophisticated marketplace that caters to a wide range of assets and commodities. Explore the possibilities and elevate your trading experience with us.

TradeXchange’s Barter platform is a space that celebrates the art of direct exchange. Barter, one of the oldest forms of trade, allows you to seamlessly trade goods and services without the need for conventional currencies. Break free from the constraints of money and explore a world where trust and tangible value reign supreme. Whether it’s gold-for-oil or raw minerals for manufactured goods, the Barter platform fosters connections and builds relationships between communities.

  • no need for currency
  • trade goods or services that defy easy quantification
  • ideal for situations where funding, or trust in currency, is lacking
  • building meaningful relationships between communities
  • finding the right trade partner
  • time-consuming search for suitable trades
  • valuing goods or services can be challenging
  • requires careful consideration to mitigate risks

This is limited to material or physical commodities trading, where the buying and selling of raw products shapes the landscape. From hard commodities like gold and oil to soft commodities like wheat and sugar, the Commodities Platform opens the door to a diverse range of investment, onsell, or consumer opportunities. Seize the benefits of hedging against inflation, diversifying your portfolio, and gaining exposure to different sectors of the economy.

  • hedge against inflation
  • exposure to various economic sectors
  • relatively liquid investment
  • portfolio diversification
  • market volatility
  • inherent risks
  • need for a deep understanding of the underlying commodity
  • storage and transportation complexities

Experience the art of brokerage with the TradeXchange Trading Platform, where brokers play a pivotal role in streamlining negotiations. More than just passing on information, TradeXchange brokers bring together willing and able parties to create mutually beneficial agreements. With an intimate knowledge of commercial parameters, negotiations are facilitated based on a clear and accurate understanding that most elements of a transaction are flexible and negotiable.

Participate in a transparent, dignified, and efficient tendering process with the Private Tender platform. Access procurement tenders for both disposal and acquisition, each with set deadlines. Elevate your business transactions with a platform that prioritizes transparency and efficiency in a sophisticated, dignified, managed fashion.

Here, physical assets with finite monetary value become key players in investment decisions. From machinery and buildings to land, or bullion coinage, tangible assets offer a hedge against inflation, portfolio diversification, and the potential for income through rent.

  • hedge against inflation
  • portfolio diversification
  • income generation through rent
  • appreciation in value over time
  • illiquidity
  • risk factors
  • maintenance expenses
  • valuation complexities

Immerse yourself in the world of aesthetic assets, where unique art blends cultural and financial value. The TradeXchange Platform provides a marketplace for trading these valuable pieces, offering a unique avenue for diversifying your investment portfolio.

  • hedge against inflation
  • portfolio diversification
  • appreciation in value over time
  • aesthetic enjoyment
  • illiquidity
  • risk factors
  • authentication challenges
  • storage and insurance expenses

The PlanMatrix TradeXchange is not just a Platform; we’re the intersection of tradition and innovation. Join us in shaping the future of trade.
Elevate your trading experience today.

Step into the future with the TradeXchange Digital Assets and Crypto Platform, supporting the trading of modern, digital currencies. Explore the world of cryptocurrencies in a secure and efficient environment, unlocking new possibilities for value transfer over the internet.

PlanMatrix TradeXchange Operating Policy Summary

Objective:  The PlanMatrix TradeXchange is committed to conducting its business operations in line with the highest ethical standards and in compliance with international regulation. This policy summary outlines our commitment to responsible trading practices and compliance with Anti-Money Laundering and Combatting Terrorism Financing (AML/CFT) regulations, the Conflict Minerals Regulation, and industry standards.
BY extension, these standards exist and transfer to parties who make use of the trade exchange in any way whatsoever,

Policy Principles:

We require assurance that material trades are:

  1. Non-Conflict: commodities traded are not sourced from regions experiencing armed conflict or civil unrest.
  2. Non-Sanctioned: trades do not take place with countries or individuals subject to international sanctions.
  3. No Child Labor: trade in commodities that have not been produced using child labor.
  4. No Unsafe Working Conditions: traded material does not originate from unsafe or unhealthy working conditions.
  5. No Labor Abuse: workers involved in producing commodities traded here are not subjected to forced labor, human trafficking, or other forms of labor abuse.
  6. Responsible Sourcing: traded commodities are sourced from suppliers meeting high standards of social and environmental responsibility.
  7. No Money Laundering: trades must not be used in the financing of illegal activities.
  8. No Proceeds of Crime: commodities trade cannot be derived from criminal activities such as drug trafficking or terrorism.
  9. Not Toxic or Harmful: commodities traded cannot be produced from material toxic, poisonous, or detrimental to the environment unless legislated international standards and regulations are adhered to.
  10. AML/CFT Compliance: all parties on the platform must adhere to AML/CFT regulations, identifying and reporting suspicious activity to the authorities as required.
  11. Conflict Minerals Regulation: traders must disclose the source of conflict minerals used in our products, complying with the Conflict Minerals Regulation.
  12. Industry Standards Compliant: trade must align with industry standards to ensure the quality, safety, and environmental impact of commodity material.

Implementation Measures:

To implement this policy effectively, we have established the following measures:

  1. Supplier Audits: Regular audits to ensure compliance with standards.
  2. Due Diligence: Conducting due diligence where necessary to verify their involvement in any illegal activities.
  3. Risk Assessment: Comprehensive risk assessment to identify and address potential areas of concern.
  4. Reporting Violations: A reporting system to report and record policy violations.

Confidentiality Agreement:

All trading parties participating on the exchange must submit Know Your Client (KYC) information based on the Client Information Sheet (KYC-CIS FORM) when required and appropriate. Additionally, parties to transactions must sign an agreement to maintain confidentiality, as outlined by the International Chamber of Commerce, Geneva, Switzerland when necessary and appropriate.

By adhering to these principles and measures, our trading environment aims to ensure responsible sourcing, transparency, and accountability in the commodities trading industry. We are dedicated to preventing our business from being used for unethical or illegal reasons, and to upholding the highest ethical standards.

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